Our Bank has adopted the various guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India in connection with allotment of Safe Deposit Lockers and Safe Custody articles facility and allowing access to the nominees / survivors / legal representatives in the event of the death of the Locker Hirer/s and Depositor/s of Safe Custody articles

Allotment & Operations of Locker:

       i.        The lockers will be allotted on first come first served basis to the customers only.

      ii.        At the time of hiring the locker, bank will obtain a Locker Deposit As per  bank's rules.

     iii.        The hirer of the locker will be provided the copy of the agreement i.e. 'Memorandum of Letting' by the bank.

     iv.        Loss of key should be immediately informed to the Branch.


Benefits of nomination / survivorship clause

The Bank has the facility of nomination in case of deposit of Locker and safe custody articles facility.


For Any other information please contact our Branch.


Click Here for List of Branches with Lockers Facility.

Lockers Deposit:

Rs. 8000/-, Rs.16000/-, Rs.25000/- depends on the size of locker. (* Subject to Changes)


One Time deposit only ,

No monthly rent.

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