Rupay ATM cum Debit Card


Any individual having bank account with one name or joint holders in BANAS BANK can have our ATM card.

BANAS BANK Debit Card can be used at many places. Now no need to carry cash, just carry your debit card and make payments securely and with ease.


BANAS BANK RuPay Debit Card Privileges

Your BANAS BANK RuPay Debit Card makes everyday shopping and payments much more convenient. Use your RuPay Debit Card for making payments at supermarkets, dining out, topping up your mobile phone, booking travel or movie tickets. Now, there is no need to carry cash. It is so simple and secure to use your BANAS BANK RuPay Debit Card.


How to use card for purchases at retail outlets?

  • Present your Card to the shopkeeper.
  • The shopkeeper will swipe your Card at PoS/EDC (Card Acceptance) terminal.
  • The terminal will prompt you to enter the PIN.
  • Please enter your PIN (same as the one used at ATMs). Please ensure to cover the terminal with your hand while entering the PIN to ensure confidentiality.
  • Sign on the charge slip only after confirming the amount and details on the slip with the bill.
  • The transaction is now complete. You will be handed over a copy of the charge slip and your Card by the shop keeper.


Daily transaction limits:

One can withdraw minimum of Rs 100/- and Maximum of Rs 25,000/- in a single transaction. The limit of withdrawal per day is Rs. 25000/- only. Daily Purchase Limit is Rs 50,000/- on the higher end.


Other facilities

  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Last 5 transactions
  • PIN Change.

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