Agriculture Loans/Advances

  • Short Term Agricultures ( Crop Loans/KCC)



Crop Loans

Crop Loans are also called short term loans for “Seasonal Agricultural Operations.” The Seasonal Agricultural Operations connote such activities as are undertaken in the process of raising various crops and are seasonally recurring in nature. The activities include, among others, ploughing and preparing land for sowing, weeding, transplantation where necessary, acquiring and applying inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, insecticides etc. and labour for all operations in the field for raising & harvesting the crops. Thus, the credit required to meet the current expenditure for raising the crops on land till the crops are harvested is construed as production or short term credit for seasonal agricultural operations.


        * Term Loans for Agriculture and allied Activities:


  • Land Leveling
  • Pipe Line
  • Submersible Motor Pump Purchase
  • Drip Tube well
  • Dairy Yojana/ Dairy Development 
  • Milky Animals/Cattle shed
  • Drip Irrigation/ Sprinkler Irrigation  
  • Rural Go down
  • Green House/Net House
  • Bankable (Agri)
  • Tractor /Trolly Purchase
  • Horticulture


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